The multiplayer game Overwatch is one of the novelties in the field of gambling. Bets on Overwatch are accepted at most leading bookmakers, along with other cyber disciplines.

Principle of the game

Each player chooses a unique character. All characters have their own history, skills, abilities and capabilities. A character can be either conditionally good or bad. In accordance with skills, all characters are divided into four categories:

  • Support. The hero can strengthen and heal allies, protect, help.
  • Defense. The characters of this group have the necessary ability to hold the main points, organizing defense in the way of the opposing team. Many maps have narrow passages, where the characteristics of the “defender” will be in high demand.
  • Offense (assault). The task of the character as quickly as possible to penetrate the goal and destroy it. The hero of this group has excellent mobility, the ability to inflict increased damage, etc.
  • Tank (tank). Reinforced armor reduces damage taken by half.

During the test studies, it turned out that the group of six people is most effective. In such groups, players can not only work in full calculations, but also allow themselves to spend one or two rounds of “warming up” without risking losing the entire battle.

What to bet on

There are two groups of bets on the Overwatch: standard and advanced. The first group is what any bookmaker office offers:

  1. The result of a round or match.
  2. The result of the tournament.
  3. The performance of the team or individual player.

More detailed painting offer cyber-bureau offices. Here you can bet on various events occurring within the game in the process of achieving the main goal.

Live betting

Some bookmakers offer to bet in real time, focusing on live broadcasts, infographics, and statistics. In live bets you need to act very carefully: Overwatch is a very dynamic eSports discipline where the whole situation can change in just a few seconds.

You should not make big bets at the very beginning of the game: most teams can afford to lose 1-2 rounds without any special consequences for warming up and evaluating the opponent. For Better, this means that it is almost impossible to predict the outcome of the first round in advance.

Where to bet

Bets on Overwatch are accepted by most bookmakers involved in e-sports competitions. These can be both cyber-boomers and organizations for which cybersport is only an insignificant part of the activity. Professional bookmakers offer a standard set of bets, sufficient for the majority of experienced betters – for the winner of a match, a championship, etc. Specialized companies develop unique offers that are limited only by their own imagination.

Enough big lines for e-sports are offered by such offices as Pari-Match and Leon. They cover all major tournaments and less popular ones, given the opportunity to make bets in live mode and offer detailed statistics and infographics. In addition, there are fairly high rates in comparison with other firms, and it is possible to combine rates into systems.

Useful tips

The main advice that can be given to both beginners and amateurs is to be as informed as possible. There are several other tips that you can use to improve your win statistics:

  • Carefully study the rules of a particular tournament. This is the most important aspect of the whole game.
  • Check which server the game is on. If teams from different regions take part in the match, a hitch for a split second can be worth winning the match.
  • Analyze how important this match is for the selected team. If it does not affect its position in the standings, the team can use it as a training ground, try new strategies, and play without leading athletes.
  • Estimate the level of the tournament itself. In unimportant and regional meetings, teams often play with a “second composition”.
  • If the game takes place in offline mode in public, the teams may behave quite differently than they do online — the factor of confusion plays. In this case, you need to pay attention to the experience of the team.

Impartiality is also very important. If you are a fan of a team, you can assume that it plays better than it actually does. In this case, you lose with the team, so be objective.