Overwatch betting

Overwatch is a blizzard multiplayer first-person shooter released on May 24, 2016. Even during the beta, a small Overwatch professional scene is likely to have formed, because now there are already around 500 Overwatch teams worldwide, including numerous well-known eSport organizations such as Cloud9 and Fnatic. Soon after the release, first tournaments with noteworthy prize money were held, and Overwatch soon became Blizzard’s most played title. This development has not escaped even bet providers and although LoL, CSGO and Dota 2 are still the three competing horses of eSports sports betting, there are always odds for Overwatch games in between.


We have the most important Overwatch Leagues and Tournaments in 2019 for you:

  • Overwatch League Season 2 – from 14th February
  • Overwatch Contenders 2019 – from 28th February
  • Of course we also have the finished events for the year 2018/2019 for you:
  • Overwatch Contenders – Winner S3 EU: Team Gigantti
  • Overwatch League (OWL) – Winner: London Spitfire
  • Overwatch Contenders (OWC) – Winner S2 EU: Eagle Gaming
  • Overwatch World Cup 2018 – Winner: South Korea

Compared to other eSport titles, relatively few tournaments are held, so you can not place Overwatch bets at any time. Also, not all eSport bookmakers have dedicated themselves to the successful first-person shooter, but some of them have already taken the first step and at least offer odds for the big Overwatch events. The big bookmakers like bet365 and betway are always ready to expand their eSports offer and usually offer more betting markets than other bookies. Vitalbet is a slightly less well-known bookmaker, but has put a lot of heart and work into his eSports section and often puts Overwatch odds online faster than his big competitors.

These three bookmakers only offer eSports and are therefore quick and thorough when creating the odds. If you want to bet on an Overwatch tournament and you do not find any odds for it, then you should look at one of these Overwatch bookmakers. If none of them offers the wanted Overwatch bets then most likely there will be none. There are not many betting markets yet, the only two we have found so far are:

  • 1 × 2 bet
  • Fifth Map played (yes / no)
  • Winner card
  • exact number of points per card
  • Handicap bets
  • Over / Under Cards Odds


The game is a pure multiplayer first person shooter without single player mode. Unfortunately, there is no campaign behind this ingenious story that Blizzard came up with for his fourth fictional universe. This makes Overwatch, however, with extensive maps and game modes good again. 14 different maps and four game modes provide plenty of variety for the players. From classic first-person shooter Overwatch differs in that there are different heroes with different skills. These special skills make heroes stronger or weaker against others and give the game a light MOBA character. If we had to name a new genre for Overwatch, then it would most likely be called “First Person MOBA” or “MOBA Shooter”.


In the short time since the release of the game, there have been more than 300 Overwatch tournaments, which together raised over $ 2.2 million in prize money. The most heavily endowed Overwatch events are the Overwatch World Cup at BlizzCon and the Overwatch Open. The World Cup will of course be organized by Blizzard itself, while the Open will be hosted by ELEAGUE and FACEIT. Both tournaments are about $ 300,000, which is not very much compared to the biggest eSports events, but one should not forget – the game was released in May 2016. There is still a lot of potential for growth in the Overwatch eSport scene.


There are three, for eSports relevant, game modes in Overwatch that are each played on different maps and confront the teams with different tasks. Professional Overwatch games are always played in 6v6 mode.


In this game mode, the teams fight to control certain points on the map.


Assault cards have two points that must be conquered by the teams. Point B can only be conquered if point A is already under control.

The escort game mode reminds a little of CS: GO, there is an attacking and a defensive team. The attackers have to bring a bomb on a vehicle to the finish within a certain time, while the defending team tries to prevent this. Reaching certain checkpoint gives the attackers extra time.


There are currently 28 heroes (as of July 2018) with four different skills to choose from. They can be roughly divided into four different roles.


Do a lot of damage, but usually can not take much. They depend on the support of tanks and supporters.


Distinguish offensive heroes as doing less damage but having more HP. They are good at protecting zones and can prevent damage done by skills.


Tanks are mostly misused as front liners to pocket most of the incoming damage. They have a lot of HP, but they usually do not share that much.


Typical Supports are in Overwatch Medics (Healer). They put little way and usually stay in the background to support their team.


Skins are cosmetic changes to heroes who have no influence on the gameplay. It’s just a visual transformation of heroes’ weapons or clothing. Some of the skins can only be unlocked in-game, but most must be purchased with credits – the ingame currency in Overwatch. Credits can only be gained from loot boxes, which can either be unlocked in-game, or if that can not be bought fast enough. Unfortunately, there is still no way to buy credits directly.