Overwatch – heroes and control

Overwatch is a competitive game for two teams. Each team has 6 players. Your task: fight for objects on the battlefield, defeat the enemy and lead your team to victory.

This is the name of an organization that was created by the UN thirty years ago to fight against insurgents against people. As a result, Overwatch operatives managed to defeat the machines, and peace reigned on Earth again. However, after some time, reports about the criminal activities of some members of the organization, as well as their accusations of corruption and anti-government activity began to surface. Gradually, people turned away from those who once saved them from mortal danger, and then completely began to openly despise their former heroes. To top it off, the headquarters of Overwatch are blown up by unknown criminals, killing two of the organization’s leaders on the way. The surviving operatives were disbanded. But there comes a time when the world is in danger again, and only former Overwatch agents can stand up for defense.

Developers from Blizzard did quite cleverly. They turned the plot of the game into a kind of composite puzzle, which the player must assemble with his own hands from a multitude of individual pieces. Inside the game you almost never find the plot. To find out what happened to the planet, how people managed to defeat robots and who the heroes of Overwatch are, you will have to stomp on the official website of the game and watch numerous animated films, read texts, comics and so on. In general, of course, all this is quite interesting, and I spent an unforgettable evening in search of answers to my questions. However, such an approach may not be to the liking of particularly lazy players. That is why I decided to collect all the animated films about the characters of the game that have been released so far and place them right inside my review. So it will be much easier for you to understand what it is all about. For example, an animated short film that introduces us to genetically modify academic gorilla Winston and the demonic killer nicknamed Reaper.


First of all – the characters that are completely different. There are no similar ones. Moreover, their difference is much stronger than that of the professions in Team Fortress. The closest analogue of network shooters is Splatoon, where the chosen weapon determines the gameplay completely and if playing style does not match the selected weapon, the fun will not work. Once the author in the first Team Fortress playing for the Heavy guy (a heavy armored soldier with a machine gun) ran around without problems and carried flags from the enemy base on his own. It was supposed to be a job for scouts, but not for “tanks”. And even snipers there could easily run around the field and successfully shoot back.

In Overwatch, something similar is, for example, a hero with a sword, who only has shurikens from a ranged weapon. In the melee, he is a killing machine; in a long-range one, he is of little use, except that he can overtake the dying enemy by the shurikens. In total, the characters have 4 different abilities: one is constantly active, two are for “cool down” (after applying you have to wait until you can apply the same ability again) and one is typed as you play.

As a rule, this is the 4th skill – the most deadly, 2 and 3 give a good bonus in combat, and the 1st is just a minor feature. For example, the first, always accessible skill of the hero “Soldier-76” is running. Well, more accurately, fast running. Other heroes do not know how to run fast (although Tracer knows how to teleport, for example).


We will not talk about the topic – how comfortable it is to play shooters on consoles in general, let’s talk – how comfortable it is to play specifically in Overwatch. In general, shooter-shooter, but there are a few features. The first is missing aiming. At first it can be a problem – you feel like in the first part of Halo. Indeed, playing for the same Soldier-76 lacks the opportunity to aim “from the shoulder” – after all, his rifle has a good range.

The second is no grenade. That is just not enough. This, however, not only applies to management, but also applies to gameplay.

Third – you need to remember which button is responsible for which special abilities. And also remember what kind of hero you play and what he can do. It can be learned quite quickly, but if you play constantly for the same hero.

Not in Overwatch and without in-game purchases. Well, where without it in our time? No, nobody will offer you hats here. But for an additional fee, you can buy chests with random loot, inside of which there can be anything. For example, new costumes for characters, winning poses, replicas and animations for them, and much, much more. However, you can also get these same boxes without any financial costs. It just takes you more time.