Overwatch League Season 2

The Overwatch season goes into the next round. For 2019 there is also a very interesting change – especially the increase in the team brings more excitement and of course more games with it. In addition, more prize money will be distributed once more – good placements are therefore highly sought after and will also be highly competitive. The teams are, as in the Overwatch League usually named after different world cities. And while most of the teams come from North America and China, player selection is very international and European players make up a large group. A majority of European players are in the Paris Eternal, Philadelphia Fusion, Dallas Fuel and Atlanta Reign teams.

The prize pool has now grown to 5 million US dollars and the lion’s share will be available in the playoffs. Here you will not only learn everything about betting and eSport odds for Overwatch, but also all the important information on format, teams and prize money for the OWL Season 2. You can also find up-to-date information about the second season of the Overwatch League in our eSports News.

In terms of eSports betting, the Overwatch League was very interesting already in the first season. Now there are not only more teams and thus more games, it will also streaming times EU-friendly. Betting can be even more fun if you follow the team you bet on. As the last season has shown, there may be some changes during the stages. Overwatch professionals who watch the action, so are clearly in the advantage. The top three eSports bookmakers listed above always have odds for you during the Overwatch League.

Here are the odds on the winner of the 2nd season of the Overwatch League. These betting odds are BEFORE the start of the league and based on the experience of the preseason. The winner of Season 1 – London – Spitfire – is not the big favorite, this role falls to New York Excelsior. According to esportsbetting.com, these two teams will probably make the victory among themselves. This is followed by Philadelphia Fusion, the Vancouver Titans (new team) and San Francisco Shock, three more teams that can probably play for the title.


The second season is clearly similar to the first. As more teams start, there will be more games and the top seats are more in demand than ever. 20 teams are divided into the divisions Atlantic and Pacific. The games begin on February 14th and are split into regular season and playoffs. In the end there is an All Star Game. Of course we keep you up to date in our eSport News section.

Regular Season – from 14th February to 25th August 2019

In the second season, as in the first one, you play in different stages. These individual stages end in the stage playoffs, where the top spots, important points and a lot of prize money are fought. It is important that all points and map victories of the individual stages are aggregated in the background as a whole. The rankings decide who gets into the playoffs and who does not. The matches will be played in 4 maps. Each stage will have its own pool of 12 maps, 4 more than in the last season.

Playoffs (Post Season) – 2019

After the different phases of the regular season, the winners of the respective division automatically jump into the playoff. After that, the following four best cross-divisional teams are qualified as well. Place 7 to 12 can also qualify in a Sudden-Death tournament, if they come in the top 2 in this tournament. In the playoff, everything is decided by double-elimination games. Much of the prize money will be distributed in the playoffs, so the participating teams can look forward to it.

All Star Game – 2019

Like last year, there is again the very popular All Star Game. The most popular Overwatch players will compete on the skill and also get to do it with custom game modes.

The first stage finished by far New York and Vancouver in first and second place. However, New York Excelsior lost in the quarter-finals of the playoffs against Seoul Dynasty, but Seoul was no match for Vancouver Titans. Philadelphia Fusion made it to the semi-finals without a hitch, where, surprisingly, San Francisco Shock won very clearly. In the final Vancouver prevailed 4: 3 after an exciting duel. The winner was pleased to receive over $ 200,000.


For this season there is the innovation that 20 instead of 12 teams will start at the start. The Overwatch League has therefore released 6 places for this season and will also try to bring even more team on board in the future. Behavior is still running off with European teams, because only Paris Eternal was new here. There are also 4 North American and 3 Chinese teams. Of course, they do not necessarily have players from the same country. But you also have to mention that Korean players are very over-represented. Whole 106 out of 186 players come from South Korea. The second most represented nation USA by comparison has only 23 players. But there are more European players overall than North American. The following list shows you all represented teams for the 2nd season, as always divided into 2 divisions:

  • Atlantic Division
  • Boston Uprising
  • Florida Mayhem
  • Houston Outlaws
  • London Spitfire
  • New York Excelsior
  • Philadelphia fusion
  • Atlanta Reign
  • Paris Eternal
  • Toronto Defiant
  • Washington Justice
  • Pacific Division
  • Dallas Fuel
  • Los Angeles Gladiators
  • Los Angeles Valiant
  • San Francisco shock
  • Seoul Dynasty
  • Shanghai Dragons
  • Chengdu Hunters
  • Guangzhou batch
  • Hangzhou Spark
  • Vancouver Titans


Total prize money distributed over this season is $ 5 million. $ 1.5 million to earn in the regular season. It should be noted that this money can be earned by the placement in the Stage Playoffs of the regular season and there will be 3 of these stage playoffs. Then the postseason (playoffs) begins, where a total of 3 million will be distributed. Since there are more teams in the playoffs this year, this prize pool will be divided into 8 places. The winner gets $ 1.1 million. This is how the distribution in the playoffs looks like:

  • 1st place – $ 1.1 million
  • 2nd place – $ 600,000
  • 3rd place – $ 450,000
  • 4th place – $ 350,000
  • 5th & 6th place – $ 300,000
  • 7th & 8th place – $ 200,000


The Overwatch League is one of the biggest eSport events in 2018. The newly formed league consists of 12 franchise teams, all of which are based in different world cities. Organizer Blizzard always likes to emphasize the sustainability of the newly created league, in which players are well secured with health insurance and pensions. There is a total prize pool of $ 3.5 million, which will be distributed at various stages of the tournament. Europe has only one team in the “OWL” with London Spitfire, with the team only having South Koreans in the roster. We show you the best bookmakers for the Overwatch League and give you all the information about the format and the teams.


From July 11, the playoffs start, with the quarter-finals being played in Los Angeles. All duels are best-of-three match series (best-of-five maps). For the finale (27th to 28th July) you will travel to New York, where the Barclays Center crowns the first Overwatch League champion. The winner of OWL Season 1 will return home with a $ 1 million check. This is the playoff schedule:


  • Boston Uprising Vs. Philadelphia Fusion – 1: 2
  • Los Angeles Gladiators vs. Los Angeles. London Spitfire – 1: 2


  • New York Excelsior Vs. Philadelphia Fuion – 0: 2
  • Los Angeles Valiants Vs. London Spitfire – 0: 2


  • London Spitfire vs. London Phildadelphia Fusion – 2:0


Season 1 of the Overwatch League is played in different phases. Before the league started in 2018, there was already a short pre-season in December 2017, when all 12 teams in Los Angeles (in the Blizzard Arena) played a few exhibition matches. This lasted from 6 to 9 December and served as a round of introductions for the teams and for the league.

Regular Season – from 10th January to 16th June 2018

The normal season of the Overwatch League starts on January 10, with the 12 participating teams divided into 2 regions (Atlantic and Pacific Divison). After that, the games take place in four different stages, each stage being divided into five game weeks. The top three teams per stage then play in the title matches for the win, which is rewarded with an extra prize money. The first of the group is automatically in the final, places 2 and 3 reach the semi-finals. The matches will be played in 4 maps, each stage will have its own pool of 8 maps.

Playoffs (Post Season) – from July 11 to July 28, 2018

The two winners of the divisions and place 3 to 6 from the entire league rise in the playoffs. There is no exact information about the format, but the two group winners will probably wait in the semi-finals, while the other four teams will play a quarter-final.

All Star Game – from 10 to 12 August 2018

After the grand finale of the OWL on July 28, 2018, there will be an all-star event in August, where the most popular gamers of Season 1 will meet again. According to the organizers, they will compete against each other in “surprising challenges”.

Stage 1

In the first stage of the OWL London Spitfire has prevailed. Third place secured a place in the semi-finals where they met the Houston Outlaws. By a 3-1 victory, they stormed into the final, where the table first of Stage 1, New York Excelsior waited. In a thrilling match, they beat 3: 2, and for the victory of Stage 1, the team gets $ 100,000 in prize money.

Stage 2

Half of the first round of the Overwatch League Season 1 is over. In the second stage, New York Excelsior, who had to take a defeat in the final of Stage 1, prevailed. The final was played against Philadelphia Fusion, where they were already with 0: 2 behind. With his back to the wall, the organization showed its best performance and still won with 3: 2.

Stage 3

The third phase of OWL Season 1 was dominated by the Boston Uprising. With a 10-0 streak, they secured themselves sovereign 1st Place in second place went to the New York Excelsiors (9-1), who defended their first place sovereign in the overall standings. In the stage playoffs, it came to the expected final between these two teams, with New York surprisingly clearly prevail 3-0.

Stage 4

Also in the fourth stage there is a new winner with the Los Angeles Valiants. During the third stage, a run of the two teams from Los Angeles has already emerged. Both teams managed a 9: 1 match statistics and were thus deservedly in the playoffs. New York Excelsior and the Dallas Fuels also made it into the decision-making matches for the stage title. The Valiants beat the Los Angeles duel 3-2 in favor of New York’s Dallas. The Excelsiors were thus for the fourth time in the Stage Final, this time you had to take a 3-1 defeat against the Valiants.


The introductory round of the biggest Overwatch league of all time is over. The “Inaugural Season” started with a huge surprise, as Philadelphia Fusion could not compete in Los Angeles. “Player logistic issues” was the rationale of the organization, the participation in the regular season is assured. Here is the final version of the Preseason:

  • Seoul Dynasty – 3-0
  • Dallas Fuel – 2-0
  • Los Angeles Valiant 2-0
  • London Spitfire – 1-1
  • New York Excelsior 1-1
  • Boston Uprising – 1-1
  • Los Angeles Gladiators – 1-1
  • San Francisco Shock – 1-2
  • Houston Outlaws – 0-2
  • Florida Mayhem – 0-2
  • Shanghai Dragons – 0-2

The fat-marked teams are ranked 1 to 3 and are the winners of the Overwatch League Preseason. The bookmaker bet at home is therefore quite well located with its quota preview.