Overwatch – pros and cons

Overwatch is a direction shooter from Blizzard, made in the animation style. Players will battle each other in various fields in a few distinct modes, picking one of two dozen extraordinary characters, every one of which has its very own history and abilities. It is important to play both for the “great” and for the “bad” characters, which are partitioned into four classes.

The game takes place in the future, after the uprising of robots. The robots were eliminated by the forces of the organization Overwatch – a group of heroes and adventurers who helped different countries with solving robots. After a decade, the organization fell apart, and its members had to disperse to different sides of the world. However, sometime later, due to the flourishing of crime, former members of the organization again had to take up arms in order to prevent the death of civilians.

When entering the beta version of Overwatch, many players are skeptical. Many are upset that after Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard decided to dive into the arena-shooter genre, whose games seemed relatively small, rather than those with huge worlds that we expected from them.

Pros of the game

Blizzard does not try to be terribly original. At one point, Blizzard almost single-handedly decided to create a game that combines MMO, RTS, and ARPG genres with their three reference series.

It would appear that they were pursuing their rivals. Saints of the Storm were pointing directly at Dota and the League of Legends, and Overwatch was based on what Fortress 2 had been accomplishing for quite a long time, and soon it would be stood up to buy for all intents and purposes vague diversions from Gearbox (Battleborn) and Cliff Bleszinski (LawBreakers). Yet, as usual, the intensity of Blizzard is in their execution.

Overwatch is just an explosive game. The shooting feels amazing, the soundtrack is incredible, the gameplay is polished to a nearly mirror shine. This is a real arena-shooter, which is not a shame. It lacks only a few additional features. Fighting is a pleasure, although at first it may somehow remind a meat grinder, there is definitely some insanity in it. Almost every character is interesting.

Probably the best thing to learn about Overwatch is how huge the list of character characteristics is. There are twenty-one unique characters in the game. And each has a huge list of characteristics. Almost every hero is completely unique, with his own sense of humor. In many games, tanks and helpers can be bored, because everyone wants to cause significant damage, but not in the case of most heroes.


If there is one huge flaw in the game that I need to highlight, then this is exactly the slow pace. Many have noticed from the screenshots of the game, a lot of time in Overwatch is quite sluggish compared to its fast-paced arena. This is not really obvious in combat. Obviously, it depends on your hero. For example, the Tracer has a set of speed and with lightning speed rushes forward. Star hero, Solder has a base sprint 47 associated with the Shift key. It can be assumed that all the characters have the same sprint, or at least the ability to move when you click on the Shift, but it is not.