After the great success of last year, Blizzard is organizing an Overwatch World Championship again this year. The 8 best teams in the world compete against each other at the Anaheim Convention Center from 2 to 3 November to win the World Cup. In addition, there will be $ 128,000 in prize money to win at the final event, which takes place at BlizzCon. $ 360,000 in prize money has already been awarded in the four qualifying tournaments. We’ll show you where to bet on the 2018 World Cup and which bookies have the best odds.

The odds on Overwatch are limited to the OWL and the Contenders under the normal season. After the end of the first proper season, the teams are currently preparing for Season 2 (start 2019), which will feature two additional teams. Until then, the Overwatch World Cup is a World Cup format to which you can also give your tips. In qualifying 24 teams were at the start, the best 8 teams make the leap to the final event. At Betway, bet365 and esportsbetting.com, you can post your tips on the 2018 World Cup.


In total there were four qualifying tournaments (Incheon, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Paris), in which 24 teams participated. For each qualifier, two teams have secured their ticket for the final. The final event at BlizzCon will probably feature a single-elimination mode in 2018, with the official Overwatch World Champion 2018 confirmed on November 3rd.

Schedule quarterfinals

  • France vs France Canada – 0: 3
  • China vs. Finland – 3: 0
  • USA vs. USA Great Britain – 1: 3
  • South Korea vs. Australia – 3: 0

Schedule semi-final

  • Great Britain vs. South Korea – 0: 2
  • China vs. Canada – 3: 0

Final + match for 3rd place

  • South Korea vs. China – 4: 0
  • Great Britain vs. Canada – 2: 3


Only the world’s top 8 Overwatch Nations are allowed to compete in the World Cup. These countries have qualified for the final:

  • South Korea
  • Finland
  • United States
  • Canada
  • China
  • Australia
  • France
  • Great Britain


The final event at BlizzCon will win $ 128,000, with all teams taking home the same $ 16,000 eSports prize money. The World Cup final is not about money but about the prestigious World Champion title. South Korea is the defending champion, who again in 2018 counts among the top favorites. The four qualifying events each played $ 90,000, so the tournament’s total prize pool is $ 488,000.